”Music is a minor matter to me, but one of the most lovely in the world!“ and nevertheless or maybe even just therefore, you will be captivated completely by the tunes, when you listen to the sound of Jan Martin. For the 24 years old native of Hamburg, who works full-time as media information scientist, music is a vent to express sentiments and feelings. Jan Martin’s musical sense had been shaped at the end of the nineties by famous trance acts like for instance Gigi D’Agostino and Chicane. He had finally come to electronic music in 2002. The productions at that time were limited to the area of trance and chill out. Meanwhile, a variety of productions have been released, you can also find some of them on compilations of Doug Laurent.


But fame and publicity are not important to Jan Martin. He is happy about distributing his music and receiving feedback from all over the world. So, a certain persuasion was required by Earth Shy-T before Jan Martin agreed to celebrate his single debut with ”Luago“ on the Transsonic Club Edition.

”I have rarely made bad decisions in my life. Therefore, I feel safe regarding my future.“ The release of ”Luago“ brings out the attitude of Jan Martin anything else would have been more than a bad decision!



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