For all friends of Transsonic Records, having difficulties with waiting for new pieces of music, it will be a pleasure to hear that there is something new again it was worth waiting for.


Jan Martin, 24 years old media information scientist from Hamburg, had already caused a stir with his remix for Alex Fain’s and Smaz’ ”Shelter“, as well as with miscellaneous own releases on compilations. With ”Luago“, Jan Martin now celebrates his single release debut. But what means ”Luago“? It is not only a title; it is rather the name of a sentiment surrounding you. Who does not know this item must only close his eyes and listen to the sound of this composition. Then anyone will know what it means. It happened that way to Dennis Sheperd, probably well known by every connoisseur of the current trance scene. Towards the remix enquiry, the answer came prompt and unambiguous: the foundations for an ingenious remix were laid by the significant citation ”wicked!” Also the further remixers can definitely be characterised as top-class. Marat Schacht, who is supported by the Great Ones in the world, with his project ”Hysteria!”, puts the emphasis in his ”Flugschreiber“-Remix, as well as Terry Sykes aka Thunderstriker, onto progressive elements of trance music.


Etnosphere, who can revert to some style overlapping releases world wide, emphasizes the melancholic part of the composition. In any case, you may look forward to a music package that simply meets Dennis Sheperd’s description: ”just wicked!“



official release November 13, 2009


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