[August 17, 2007]

"If There's a Way" has been oficially released today. Available e.g. at

amazon.de (Order CD)

itunes (Download)

beatport (Download)

and more.


[July 12, 2007]

cdbaby starts distributing "If There's a Way [Vinyl]" in the United States.


[July 9, 2007]

"If There's a Way" hits the German DJ Charts Dance (DDJC Dance) and is new entry this week.


[July 6, 2007]

Transsonic Records today announces the CD-Release of "If There's a Way". It will become available August 17th.


[July 2, 2007]

Amazon.de lists the Vinyl release in their store.


[June 15, 2007]

Transsonic Records receives its new label code. The label will publish under LC 15875.


[June 6, 2007]

plattenmann.de starts DJ promotion for Earth Shy-T feat. Melanie Endecott - If There's a Way. Read about this release in their newsletter.


[June 1, 2007]

Transsonic Records' first release becomes available in selected stores today. We are in the process of expanding our list of dealers, so that our records will be available in a store near you, soon.


[May 22, 2007]

New artist information available in the artists section.


[May 03, 2007]

Transsonic Records is proud to announce that Earth Shy-T, Producer and DJ, signed a label contract with TR today.


[March 22, 2007]

Musikverlag Transsonic Music (Transsonic Music Publishing) today announces the foundation of its own record label. The future name will be "Transsonic Records".


[March 9, 2007]

myspace.com page http://www.myspace.com/transsonicrecords registered today.



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