Summer 2007, a barbeque in Sauerland: Suddenly it was there, the idea for ”Abendrot“. ”In the beginning, the beats were decidedly faster“, recalls Oliver Breidenbach. He can’t really explain why the number calmed down during the remixing phase. ”That never fails to fascinate me: You tinker around and in the end you’ve created something that wasn’t ever planned.“ The result may be reminiscent of Balearic Trance, but it ultimately sets its own unique accents and allows the listener to participate in the exquisite transcendence of the sunset. With its catchy melody and stringent suspense curve, ”Abendrot“ isn’t only a certain hit for club nights and relaxed driving towards a distant horizon, but also a springboard of inspiration for every gifted remixer. Earth Shy-T endows the track with the same high dose of uplifting charge attributed to Etasonic, who with his ”Le André Chillout Mix“ also shows that he is capable of something completely different. And so is ”Abendrot“ trance in all its fascinating facets – amazing what can come out of a grill party in Sauerland.




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Oliver Breidenbach - Abendrot [Vinyl Single]

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Release: November 21, 2008





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