”My main aim is to combine trance and electronic music with melodious elements.“ That 20-year-old illitheas succeeded in achieving this objective while still very young is evidenced by his debut release ”Infinity“: he was 16 years old when he composed and produced the original version of the track– at that time with comparatively rudimentary equipment. He composed a melody with a compelling beat that one just can’t escape and – better still – doesn’t want to escape. As the composition’s theme unfolds with orchestral vehemence and then after a moment of abatement conveys a feeling of expansiveness and – as the song title suggests–infinity, the adjective that automatically springs to the listener’s mind is the one used by the artist himself: ”Epic“ is what he called the original piece that he laid aside back in 2005 to devote his time to other projects.


When Earth Shy-T first heard ”Infinity“, the decision followed quickly: This song must be published both digitally and on vinyl. A completely new version has been produced for the release, one whose sound is technically state of the art and has inspired several well-known trance artists to extremely interesting remixes. This includes Cold Blue, who has made a name with his own personal style and is highly regarded by many well-known international DJs. While Etasonic and Earth Shy-T stress the melodious components of the song, thunder-striking ”Infinity“ moves more in the direction of electro and so into a dimension that also has great appeal. A further version, also produced by illitheas himself, rounds the package off. How often should you play ”Infinity“? Endlessly, of course. It’s common knowledge that names are omens.




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illitheas - Infinity [Vinyl Single]

Order no.: TSR004

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Release: February 06, 2009






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