"My music reflects how I feel at the given moment", says Dennis Hill. "There is something behind the song titles." That he called his first EP "Edge of Emotions" was not without grounds. The gamut of emotions with which the 18-year-old confronts his listeners spans the full spectrum from anger and disappointment ("Broken Promises") through to the heights of love ("TITRWILYSM" - "This Is The Reason Why I Love You So Much").


What happens musically can't really be summed up with the classification "Progressive Trance". The pulsing "Shakal" is clearly more in the direction of electro, without completely denying its trance origins. Dennis Hill's music lives from his interest in different styles and subgenres, his ability to capture the essence of the diverse styles and his courage to use this ability to create something new. The results are characterised by rich, detailed effects, compelling beats and a well calculated exchange between melody and arrangement that gives each track a totally unique atmosphere - see the respective song titles.


In "Edge of Emotions", for example, there is a great deal to discover. But because you can dance wonderfully to the music of the exceptionally talented 18-year-old, his release debut on white vinyl is simultaneously the premiere of the new sub-label "Transsonic Club". And to celebrate this event, a Thunderstriker remix of "This Is The Reason Why I Love You So Much" has been included at no extra cost.




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Dennis Hill - Edge of Emotions [Vinyl EP]

Order no.: TSC001

EAN: 4260139570126

Release: February 18, 2009





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